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September 2022 - fall is on its way to Kyoto. Good news. Other news would be the list of videos of mokuhanga Steiner education. These will be added this fall. Please stand (sit) by. On the homepage, there is a link. Check this out. 

April 2021(all the following will be eliminated as soon as I can understand the near future of the School and submit the 2021 news/events; please wait a bit...)

There are some important changes coming to the School. First, there will be a 10,000 yen deposit sent to the office when the student has seriously indicated he/she wants to attend the school. (We use PayPal; rksteiner1234 (at)

Secondly, class fees are paid on the first day of the week, usually Monday, for the whole 4-day class period.

Thirdly, a tour of a sumi making company over in Nara City will be added to the outings schedule. But the company has no tours in the hot months, usually April to the end of September. We will try to visit other mokuhanga related places instead.

Ask questions about the above, or anything else.           

2019 has a ome new openings now.  But because of preparations for my 50 Years of Printmaking exhibition in May, 2020, applications should be sent early.

The School will close at the end of 2019 for long-term students. From 2020 the shortest course will be 10-days to  three months. However, the School up in Karuizawa with teacher Terry McKenna will be available from 2019 for short-  and long-term students.   


The 2019 Calendar has finished. It was an exciting year with students from OZ, Puerto Rico, Sweden, USA Canada, France. If you are interested in a course for 2020, because of my solo show in May, spring classes will be mostly quite short, or none at all. After May, the usual course schedule will be followed.  Let's begin a discussion. Short-term students are accepted, as mentioned above and on our top page. Long-term students are preferred, and especially those individuals wanting to have a teacher's license and art name. Elsewhere on this site details will be published in January.



Katevop   Canada    Jan+

Coralie KANE  OZ   spring 

Steiner's 50th Year Exhibition  March 19 to 24

Julianne Smart. OZ. April


Kyle HOFFPAUIR  USA  July 6 to 23  

Julianne Smart. OZ  April        

These dates do not include Japanese or residant foreign students.They follow a different schedule.