momiji 900W

NEW: The mid-week day off, Wednesday, is now changed to Fridays. This will give students a three-day weekend to see more of Japan and Kyoto. 

Courses for 2018 are all booked. 2019 still has openings. But they are few because of preparations for my 50 Years of Printmaking exhibition in 2020."

The 2018/2019 Calendars are nearly full. Here is the schedule of students so far for the next two years: Updated: March


UpdateMarie   France  from January for 18 months, 

Hirisha  India  from January for one year

Workshop in Seattle, April 2 to 16 (studio closed)

Sophie   April 23 to May 23

Workshop in Singapore, June 15 to 25 (assistant instructor)

Ben   USA    May 15 to Aug 15

Yvonne   OZ  5-day Tour workshop  July 2 to 6

LITHUANIAN EXHIBITION  July 13 to 29 (assistand instructor)

Anna  Sweden  Aug 13 to 17

Stafan   NZ   Sept 10 to 27

Annali   Italy  Sept 10 to 20

Sedaf  Italy  Sept 10 to 20

William  UK  Oct 10 to Nov 8

Julianne   OZ  Nov 12 to 29

James  USA  Dec 4 to 19


Bobby UK  One-year course from January

Annabel  UK  March 4 to 28

M-L J    OZ    April 1 to 30

Jacky    May 6 to 23

Laura  USA  June 17 to 27

Eric   USA  May 20 to June 27

Fiona   OZ   July 1 to  Aug 22

Ruth   Swl   Aug 5 to Oct 17

Nadia  OZ  Sept 30 to Oct 24

Vanira   USA   Oct 7 to Nov 26

Jennifer    Dec 16 to 27

These dates do not include Japanese or residant foreign students.They follow a different schedule. All dates could change suddenly. Stay tuned.