Richard Steiner's
Kyoto International Mokuhanga School

It is possible to arrange for an intensive short-term study. This a great way to build your skills in a brief time while staying on holiday in Kyoto. Courses offer in this catagory are  10-day, Two-week, One month (about 20 days).

As well as learning the basic skills or extending your existing abilities, you can develop connections with other mokuhanga artists and enjoy the sights of Kyoto.


Cost: 10,000 yen per day.

Provided: All materials for a small / mid-size print series. The fee includes an 8-knife set, wood, proofing paper, tracing film; full use of workshop tools and facilities, baren, baren brace, sharpening rouge and its stand, baren oil, instruction, seal carving, and more. Students must purchase their pigments from the school. 

For the 10-day course, at least three or four prints (print 8 prints each); for the longer courses, more prints, but in larger editions (up to 20 prints).

Additional Costs: Further materials for larger size prints and printing on hand-made washi paper are optional extras. These vary on the size of print and print edition. Longer term students should purchase their own professional knives. All students have to buy the pigments developed and patented by the school.

Accommodation: Helpful information on accomodations can be found on our links page.